saxoctopusThis is a new all-saxophone octet that I’m involved in. The group formed in early 2014 and our first gig was a cameo appearance with Trio Riot at the Vortex (above).

Our debut album, a recording of the Vortex gig December 2014, came out on Raw Tonk Records in July 2015! Have a listen…

A biog:

The Saxoctopus was inadvertantly formed when eight saxophonists found themselves in a room together at a gig in Autumn 2013. A cautionary lesson on the dangers of social networking banter, they underwent the transformation from Twitter joke to Real Band when vibraphonist Corey Mwamba offered them a gig at his new night in Derby. A cameo performance with Trio Riot at the Vortex in March 2014 sealed the deal, and they are performing their first full set tonight. The group showcases original compositions by its members, as well as being a vehicle for exploring graphic scores and guided group improvisation. Featuring top improvisers from around the UK and Scandinavia, this will be an exploration into the outer limits of the saxophone…

Julie Kjaer  alto
Oliver Dover/Mette Rasmussen  alto
Dee Byrne  alto
Rachel Musson  tenor
Tom Ward  tenor
Sam Andreae  tenor
Cath Roberts  baritone
Colin Webster  baritone