Favourite Animals


Favourite Animals is the name that has emerged for my ten piece group, assembled while I was Artist in Residence at Lancaster Jazz Festival 2016 (see above: almost everyone is visible in this photo of us in The Dukes studio theatre). The music builds on areas that I explore with Sloth Racket, i.e constructing scores for groups of improvisers that strike a balance between freedom and structure. The line-up is:

Dee Byrne alto sax
Sam Andreae tenor sax
Tom Ward flute/bass clarinet
Julie Kjaer flute/bass clarinet
Graham South trumpet
Tullis Rennie trombone
Cath Roberts baritone sax
Anton Hunter guitar
Seth Bennett bass
Johnny Hunter drums

The Lancaster gig was recorded and released by the festival as a fundraiser (split between the next LJF commission and a studio recording for Favourite Animals). Have a listen:

Although I wasn’t intending to start a new band at the time, we all agreed that we wanted to do more with this group so plans are afoot for an album and tour in 2017. Watch this space…