Monthly Archives: September 2015

Exploring the group mind (!!)…

LUME has a rather cool run of gigs coming up this week, in a collaboration with Dr Daniel Richardson from the Experimental Psychology department at UCL. On Wednesday 30th September, Thursday 1st October and Friday 2nd October, groups of improvising musicians that we’ve put together will play free sets in response to the audience, who will be interacting using their smartphones. I’m playing on Thursday and Friday and it should be a lot of fun…see below for info and tickets URL.


Moths at Lancaster and Sloths at the Oxford

I’m not quite sure where this month has gone, but my ‘late September’ gigs are this weekend! On Sunday 20th September, I’m heading up to Lancaster Jazz Festival with Word Of Moth, playing in the Hall at 3.45pm. I’m looking forward to checking out the festival. Then on Monday 21st, I’ll be back in London to play at Jazz At The Oxford with Sloth Racket. This will be a lot of fun – were sharing the bill with Oxford organiser George Crowley’s band Can Of Worms, as the first gig in his ‘Can Of Worms Presents’ series. See you there!