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Manchester Jazz Festival 2015

Next week I’m heading up to Manchester for two very nice gigs, both on the same day as part of the Manchester Jazz Festival. On Wednesday 5th August, Madwort Sax Quartet are playing a sold-out set (!) at 3pm in the Portico Library. That evening, I’m heading to Soup Kitchen to play in the UK leg of the Efpi/Onze Heures Onze collaboration. The French leg happened in May, when I travelled to Paris with a whole bunch of Efpi-affiliated musicians.

Dee Byrne will be standing in for Chris Williams in MSQ, as Chris has broken a bone in his hand. We’re all gutted that Chris won’t be on the gig, but it should be a lot of fun playing with Dee.

I had a great time at MJF last year, so I’m looking forward to this trip very much!

Saxoctopus album

In exciting news, the Saxoctopus album is coming out on July 20th! It’s a recording from our gig at the Vortex last December, and will be released by Colin Webster’s label Raw Tonk Records. Featuring compositions by the majority of the members, lots of group improvisation and some *ahem* experimental recorder playing…

Live At LUME album and LUME is 2 birthday gig…

Quick post about an exciting week coming up. Firstly, we’re releasing a compilation album called ‘Live At LUME’ to raise money for future LUME activities. All the tracks are recordings made at LUME gigs and donated by the artists. Alex Bonney also donated his time to tidy up and master the album – so although they’re bootlegs, they sound really great! Have a listen below and grab your copy from the Bandcamp page. It was another great excuse for me to do some linocut printmaking too – so there’s a handmade CD edition…

Also happening this week is LUME’s 2nd birthday party/gig! We’re decamping to Hundred Years Gallery on Thursday 9th July for a night of improvised music with a difference. See the (also handmade and involving linocut printmaking) flyer below…


LUME On Tour: photos!

I realised I hadn’t really said anything on here about how LUME On Tour with Quadraceratops and Entropi went. It was brilliant! All the gigs were lovely, the logistics went smoothly without any disasters and we all had a lot of fun. After so many months working on the project, it feels a bit mad that it’s all over, but it couldn’t have gone better really, all things considered. Here are a selection of photos, with more to be found on the #LUMEOnTour hashtag.

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