Monthly Archives: October 2014

‘For The Benefit Of The Tape’ available from Raw Tonk!

The Ripsaw Catfish album ‘For The Benefit Of The Tape’ is now available to stream and pre-order from Raw Tonk Records! Have a listen:

Anton and I are now looking forward to getting stuck into our next Catfish project, a collaborative tour called ‘Shoaling’. We’ll be playing with lots of musicians around the UK starting November 18th….more info (and flyer!) on this to come soon.

Ripsaw Catfish on Raw Tonk

Quick post to say that a Ripsaw Catfish release is on its way! ‘For The Benefit Of The Tape’ will be out on Colin Webster’s excellent Raw Tonk Records on November 3rd. I’ve done some seriously lo-fi artwork for the sleeve (see below) and Angela Guyton has designed a fantastic band logo which I’ll post soon (it only exists as a stamp at the moment, ready to be applied to the sleeves I’m about to make!). More on this to follow…