Monthly Archives: January 2012


I’ve finally given the septet a name: Cath Roberts’ Quadraceratops. I also just sent off the promo info for our first gig…more to follow on this soon. You can find the band on Facebook and ‘like’ it to hear about what we’re up to, and I’ll be posting on here too. Plus, if you’re on Twitter, you can follow me under my alias @robocath. It’s a huge relief to actually decide on a name, so now it’s back to the piano to get working on the tunes again!

Happy New Year!

Time has flown by since my last update, so I’m a bit bemused to find myself in 2012. I kicked off the year by attending the F-ire Collective Winter workshop on groove writing this week, which was pretty inspiring. Much like last time, I left with a very specific rhythm-related headache, some great music in my brain and lots of notes and things to think about as I resume the Winter of Writing. Over the next two months I’m going to be spending as much time as I can putting together septet tunes, so we can start rehearsing. Now that it’s a week into the new year, the May gig is starting to feel quite a lot sooner, which I guess is probably good for motivation!

Other projects are getting under way too. I had a first look at some of the music for Tom Ward’s new saxophone quartet today. I’m on bari so it’s time for some serious training. Playing pretty much constantly for the whole tune, on every tune, will be a challenge! Great music though so I’m looking forward to starting rehearsals. Also today came a sneak preview of some tracks I played on for Luke J Christie and the Held Breath. There’s a website coming soon apparently, and the album is nearly mixed. Exciting stuff…

All in all, can’t wait to get my teeth into a lot of new things this year….bring it on!